Outline of Association

This Association acquired its status as a general incorporated association in December 2009.

In 1993, the "Japan Fashion Model Association" and "The Japan Association of Model Agencies" united to inaugurate Japan's only such industry group, which has since then been active as a non-profit private organization. The "corporatization" that was the group's objective from the outset has now been realized. For this, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the related organizations that have provided their support and cooperation over many years, all of our sponsors and clients, as well as the member model agencies that recognized the need for an industry group and pressed forward with administration of the Association.

When the two associations merged following their aspirations towards becoming a stronger and more permanent industry group, there was little recognition of publicity rights in general society and insufficient awareness of contracts both inside and outside the industry, resulting in considerable trouble relating to use of portraits. Administration did not understand the model management business, and there were challenges such as an unfair tax system. Today, recognition of rights and understanding of business conditions have progressed, and the performance-related "guidelines" that have been revised many times over are now applied by many of the people who are related to this industry.

So far we have worked hard to be active as a private organization with a public nature including international exchanges, and from now on we will become even more active in fulfilling our initial resolution of contributing to the economy and civilization and developing the model management business.

Japan Modeling Agencies Association has run with the slogan of "Protect publicity rights!" and wants to act as an organization with a public nature that does not stop at ensuring the common good, and which promotes fair portrait use and supports the corporate activities of member model agencies, etc.

General Incorporated Japan Modeling Agencies Association
English Name
April 1993
Japan Modeling Agencies Association was formed in April 1993 as the previously active "Japan Fashion Model Association" and "The Japan Association of Model Agencies" united to inaugurate Japan's only model industry group, which is active in ensuring harmonious business between the model industry and all related companies, resolution of various problems within the model industry, and extensive comprehension of model publicity rights. The Association is also used as a consulting service for many people who want to become models.
Business Contents
  • Establishment, advocacy and edification of the publicity rights
  • Research and environmental improvement in model management business
  • Exchange and cooperation with organizations/associations linked to model management business
  • Consultation service for model management business
  • Centralization and network maintenance of information associated with models and the business operators
Head Office

Umehara Building 3F, 3-2-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo Japan Postal code 151-0051

TEL.03-3401-6071 FAX.03-3401-7874